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"Christalla is one of a kind. Not only does she bring your vision to life, but she also understands art on such a deep level. Any other makeup artist I work with falls short of when Christalla and I work together. She's your girl if you want your ideas brought to the next level!"

-Varien // producer, composer, musician // @variendarkgirl

"I first worked with Christalla back in 2016 and have been lucky to work with her in the years since. She has worked with me on several short films and I have been confident in recommending her to my colleagues in the film industry. Christalla is an absolute professional to work with. She knows how to be on a set - she's always on time (if not early), she is prepared and ready for touch-ups, and she understands that the long hours are a part of the process. In addition to her punctuality and preparedness, she has always been an awesome team player - Christalla uses her background in hair styling and make-up to her advantage by having insight on techniques and methods that elevate a project. 


Christalla skill-set also expands into SFX makeup - on Ex Disposer, a short film I produced, one of our actors had to have a healed-but-prominent scar on his lower lip. The tricky part of this task was that was the lighting - we were filming in a blue hue. Christalla knew exactly how to make the actor's scar stand out in the specific lighting. Her prior experience and education was very valuable in that moment - she assessed the situation, knew how to make the scar work, and we always remained on schedule.


In filmmaking, who you have on your team is vital. You have to have prepared, responsible, and fun people to commit to your project. Christalla exudes all of these qualities. She goes above and beyond in commitment and patience, and is just so wonderful to be around. It's a pleasure to have her on a project. Her contributions are immeasurable. Christalla will always be my first choice for my Hair/Make-Up needs."

- Amelia Spitler // film producer, coordinator, programmer // @ameliaspitler

"I greatly appreciate Christalla’s attention to detail and creative vision. After witnessing her thorough research and skill of translating another client’s concepts and goals into reality, I was compelled to collaborate with Christalla myself. From the start, I was very impressed by her patience and meticulous observation of any minor detail, concerns and cross-reference I would pitch her way, and spared no expense at ensuring that the photoshoot that followed flowed naturally and fully realized the intended narrative."

- Voia // musician, DJ // @voiamusic

As a cinematographer, the look of my work is of paramount importance-- and I know I can count on Christalla's brush to bring my vision to life. She's a magnet of enthusiasm and her dedication to her craft is contagious. Rest assured, Christalla is someone you want on set. 

-J. S. Ali // cinematographer, photographer, editor // @eureka_moment

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